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6" Hitachi Motors

Hitachi Motors are designed for long service life and years of dependable operation. Innovative design and robust characteristics make this the perfect motor for your pumping applications.

Combined with exceptional insulation and a patented epoxy fill resin, these motors exceed NEMA requirements for high water temperature by 18°F (-7.7°C). Designed with internal lubrication and cooling blend of water, antifreeze, and an antirust mixture, Hitachi submersible motors are unique in providing the industry with innovative and robust design features that will extend the serviceable life of your installation.

Key Features
  • Higher Efficiencies and Lower Current Consumption – For reduced energy costs.

  • Corrosion-Resistant Design – For long life.

  • High-Capacity Kingsbury-Type Bearings – For dependable performance.

  • Low-Profile NEMA Design – For ease of installation.

  • Replaceable Plug-in Motor Lead – For ease of maintenance.

  • Dual Voltage Type – For application versatility (5 HP – 30 HP 3-Phase Motors).

  • VFD-Compatible



MOTOR SLEEVE:  Stainless steel construction

CASTINGS:  Baked epoxy-coated gray iron

FASTENERS:  Stainless steel

SHAFT:  NEMA splined stainless steel

FLANGE:  NEMA standard type

ROTOR:  Double epoxy-coated

THRUST BEARINGS:  Kingsbury-type420 stainless steel

MECHANICAL SEAL:  Nitrile rubber(NBR), grease packed

DIAPHRAGM:  Nitrile rubber

SAND CAP:  Polyurethane

SAND SLINGER:  Stainless steel

LEAD WIRE / CABLE:  Double insulated, heat and water-resistant,167°F/75°C, 600V

Performance Guidelines: PENTEK & Hitachi Motors Used on VFD