Drought-Proof Your Pumps!

Well Pumps: Droughts can lead to a measurable drop in your local water table. If the water table drops below your pump intake, the pump cannot cool sufficiently and will overheat until it fails. Tip: Check your water table annually. If it drops significantly, you may need a professional to deepen your well. Click here for detailed instructions. Also, consider a low pressure switch that will turn off your pump if the pressure drops below 25 psi due to lack of sufficient water.

Sump Pumps: Prolonged lack of rain can lead to your sump pit drying out, eventually destroying the seals in your sump pump. It can also lead to “air lock,” which prevents water from entering the pump when it finally does rain. The result of both…a flooded basement. Tip: Fill your sump pit with water every 3 months to activate the pump and lubricate the pump seals. Add an air hole to the discharge pipe to prevent air lock. Click here for an illustration.

Jet Pumps for Home Wells: Excessive ambient heat reduces your pump’s ability to cool its motor. After time, this can significantly reduce the life of your pump. Tip: Is your jet pump outside? Make sure it is sheltered from direct sunlight. If your jet pump is inside your residence or other enclosure, make sure it gets plenty of air flow (ideally, cool air from an ac unit). Interested in building a cooling shelter / enclosure? Click here for details.

Pressure-Boosting / Sprinkler Pumps: During the hottest part of the day, residential electricity demands are the greatest. This can lead to low or fluctuating current, which places stress on a pump’s motor and can shorten its life significantly Tip: Use this category of pump during off-peak or cooler evening hours. Not only will you prolong the life of your pump, but experts say your lawn grows best when watered during early morning or late evening.

Steve Says...

As a pump expert, Steve has been helping customers with installation, trouble-shooting, and preventative maintenance for over 10 years. Here are Steve's tips for prolonging the life of your home pumps during the nation-wide drought...